About Us

we are honored to provide a constructive and productive role in improving the quality of this industry based on the lack of continuous activity in the field of air conditioning industry , supply of the best credible international standards and providing engineering technical services .
the group of engineering services over ventilation and the use of the best modern technologies , high efficiency , maintaining the environment , optimizing energy consumption and maximizing the satisfaction of all customer satisfaction has always been considered in order to provide the best way to solve cooling and cooling engineering problems for all projects in a short time .
among the members of the technical group of engineering above the ventilation of alborz , the presence of prestigious international brands such as pal ( pal ) in the field of sale , design and implementation of polyurethane channels as well as the production of polyurethane canal is possible . after numerous studies and considering the company ‘s reputation , quality , post – harvest services , high efficiency and appropriate price , the company has selected a selection of the best and the most prestigious awards available in iran and has great honour with these great lords .